Welcome To The Breakdown

lWelcome To The Breakdown is the second EP released by IFD on 11/27/10 through Atlantic Records. It marks their first official release after the departure of members Dave Midell, Mike Mentzer, and Laura Green, as well as Packy Lundholm's first official release as the band's lead guitarist and Chad Van Dahm's first as drummer.


  1. Welcome To The Breakdown (Song)
  2. No Kontrol
  3. The Power Of Love (Huey Lewis Cover)
  4. Proxima Centauri
  5. Give It Up
  6. Not I
  7. Just Decide
  8. I Fight Ganon (Online-Only Track)
  9. She's Got Sorcery (Exclusive Bonus Track for pre-ordering on IFD's website)

Stems/Karaoke Instrumentals
See the individual tracks for instrumentals

There are none since this was essentially an EP of songs that didn't make it onto the final track listing of KABOOM!.

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