The Near Future

The Near Future is the latest album from I Fight Dragons. It was crowdfunded through the Project Atma Kickstarter in 2013. The album originally started out as the Cyborg Liberation Companion EP and was intended to coincide with the band's first major headlining tour. The EP's recording sessions heeded less than satisfactory results, so most of the recordings went completely unused (Though Hero and Burnadette were eventually released as singles, with the remaining tracks being released in The Future Imperfect, a digital deluxe bonus album). After the tour finished, Project Atma was announced, and the EP was changed to a complete album. It was originally planned to be released in December of 2013, but the band announced on September 7th, 2013 that the album's release would have to be postponed. On June 14th, 2014, it was announced that the album would be officially released on September 16th of the same year. On June 20th, it was confirmed that the album would have 15 tracks, with Burnadette now no longer a part of the track listing. Demos for all songs written exist in multiple forms and were originally planned to be released in the digital deluxe preorder in a similar fashion to DEMOlition - Demos That Didn't Make KABOOM!, though no demos of songs found on the actual album made it to this bonus album, instead focusing solely on unreleased tracks. On June 14th, 2014, the band also leaked a second track from the album titled No Strings. The album officially released September 16th to almost universal praise from critics and fans alike. TNF is widely regarded as the band's best work to date, pushing the boundaries of their genre and showcasing each member's individual talents.

Track Listing

01. The Near Future I. Prelude
02. The Near Future II. Eighteen
03. The Near Future III. Battle
04. The Near Future IV. Another Week
05. The Near Future V. Meeting
06. The Near Future VI. Rescue
07. The Near Future VII. Time To Fly
08. The Near Future VIII. Requiem
09. The Near Future IX. Return
10. The Near Future X. Fighting On

11. No Strings
12. Pretend
13. Chicago
14. Always
15. Jimmy And Sally

Unreleased Tracks
The only track to not receive an official release as a part of The Future Imperfect is a song called Reject. Not much is known about the track, other than the fact that it was originally meant to be Track 5 on the album.

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