The Future Imperfect

The Future Imperfect is a b-sides compilation album similar to DEMOlition - Demos That Didn't Make KABOOM!. The album is only available as a bonus to those who purchase the Digital Deluxe edition of The Near Future or the vinyl of the album. The album contains 10 tracks originally meant for either the album or the scrapped Cyborg Liberation Companion EP.

Track Listing

  1. History Repeating (From The Cyborg Liberation Sessions)
  2. Buy Buy Buy
  3. Hero (From Magic: The Gathering: Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2014)
  4. Dreams And Lies
  5. Seek And Destroy (From The Cyborg Liberation Sessions)
  6. Steady And Slow
  7. No!
  8. Shit's Gonna Be OK (From The Cyborg Liberation Sessions)
  9. On Self Doubt
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