The Achilles Complex (Explode!) (December 2010 Demo)


Get up on your feet and listen
I'm not here to be forgiven
And I know
I know
You've heard this before
But even so
It's still my war

Who could ask for more?

It's not like I know the ending
But I know that they're all pretending
And when I
Ignite the sky
Do or die
You will see through
The grand disguise

Don't turn your eyes…

Here we go
Everybody loves a show
So let's give em what they want
Destiny and dénouement
Hit the lights
Cuz we're blowing up tonight
Fireworks and distant suns
But we can only do this once
(Light the bombs)
Then once we're gone
They'll all move on
There's always someone
In a blaze of glory
So here we go
To live or to explode?

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