Power-Up (Intro)

"Power-Up (Intro)" is a 14-second long instrumental that acts as the first track and an introduction to the band's debut EP Cool Is Just A Number.

Differences Between Original Version and Atlantic Re-Release Version

In the original release of the track, a brief chiptune interlude can be heard featuring the chorus of "No One Likes Superman Anymore", as it was their signature song at the time. When Atlantic Records decided to re-release the EP, they commissioned a recording of then-new song "Don't You" to fill out the track listing and justify a re-release to the fans. Due to this change, lead singer Brian Mazzaferri composed an all-new interlude that was an upbeat version of the chorus to "Don't You," replacing Superman. This change was made to make the album feel more cohesive and mask the fact that "Don't You" was recorded long after the initial EP's recording sessions.

Official Videos

Live Performances

As of this date, none exist as this track is essentially an intro to the album and the band uses a unique intro for each tour.

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