KABOOM! is the first full-length LP IFD released. It was originally released by Atlantic Records in 2011, but can now be downloaded for free through the band's website by signing up for their mailing list.


  1. Fanfare
  2. KABOOM! (Song)
  3. Save World Get Girl
  4. cRaZie$
  5. Gloria (Interlude)
  6. My Way
  7. With You
  8. Fight For You
  9. The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth
  10. Disaster Hearts
  11. Don't You
  12. Working
  13. Before I Wake
  14. Suburban Doxology
  15. I Will Wait For You (If You Do For Me) (IFD Dog Tag Exclusive Bonus Track)

Stems/Karaoke Instrumentals
See individual tracks for downloads


For all other known demos see the individual tracks within the album, along with the albums Welcome To The Breakdown and DEMOlition - Demos That Didn't Make KABOOM!

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