Impractical Machine (March 2011 Demo)


If this city never sleeps
Then I guess it never dreams
Says the hipster to me
While up above
8 million rise and feed
The impractical machine
Love and death and routine
And soon enough
Everybody's up and on their way
And leaving me behind
I'm half as far in twice the time

Well if I never learn my name
I got no one else to blame
I lost my ticket for the train

So tell me where do I go now?
I'm just wandering around
Gaining space and losing ground
Profound and shallow (2x)

Now if you catch your tail
Did you win or did you fail?
Ask the prophets or the rails.
As for me
I think I understand
Somethings slipping through my hands
Lost my list of demands
And now I see
It's the one way out the only choice the reason for it all:
We long to fly and learn to fall


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