IFD Amnesty2

IFD Amnesty2 was a catch-up album release for anyone new to the mailing list that missed the prior weekly free tracks. The download is still publicly available for free here.

Track List

  1. Why Bother (Weezer Cover)
  2. I Fight Dragons Overture 1.0
  3. The Process
  4. No One Likes Superman Anymore (LSDJ Version)
  5. The Faster The Treadmill... (LSDJ Version)
  6. The Heart of Life (John Mayer Cover)
  7. Rick + Mario
  8. I Fight Ganon
  9. No One Likes Superman Anymore (Evil Robo-Dragon Remix)
  10. Chocolate Treadmill
  11. The Future Soon (Jonathan Coulton Cover)
  12. Air Man from Mega Man 2 (Packy Lundholm Cover)
  13. And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles Cover)
  14. I Will Wait for You (If You Do for Me)
  15. Don't You? (Mailing List Version)
  16. Alien for Christmas (Fountains Of Wayne Cover)
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