Demolition - Demos That Didn't Make Kaboom

DEMOlition - Demos That Didn't Make KABOOM! is a collection of 12 demos that were not included on KABOOM! from May 2010-March 2011. It was released on February 21,2013 on IFD's online store for $4.99 and the tracks were all uploaded to YouTube on the same day for listening. Though these songs didn't make it on to the album, lines from many of the songs included in this release made their way onto later tracks from KABOOM! and The Near Future.


  1. Move (May 2010 Demo)
  2. San Francisco (May 2010 Demo)
  3. Circles (July 2010 Demo)
  4. Angels Or Demons? (December 2010 Demo)
  5. Once Upon A Time (May 2010 Demo)
  6. Silver Bullet (September 2010 Demo)
  7. Save Me From The Dance Floor (June 2010 Demo)
  8. Anthem (June 2010 Demo)
  9. Night And Day (June 2010 Demo)
  10. After The Fall (May 2010 Demo)
  11. The Achilles Complex (Explode!) (December 2010 Demo)
  12. Impractical Machine (March 2011 Demo)
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