And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles Cover)

And Your Bird Can Sing is a 1966 Beatles song that I Fight Dragons used to cover live. The band released a studio version of their cover through the official mailing list in the summer of 2009, causing it to become a staple of the band's catalog. The cover was played live starting in mid-2009 and was last played in early 2010 shortly after Laura Green's departure, though it is still played on rare special occasions. An official live version, also the first time the cover was performed live, was recorded and released as part of the Dragon Fight! DVD in 2010.

Differences Between The Original And Cover Versions

You tell me that you've got everything you want
And your bird can sing
But you don't get me, you don't get me

You say you've seen seven wonders and your bird is green
But you can't see me, you can't see me

When your prized possessions start to weigh you down
Look in my direction, I'll be round, I'll be round

When your bird is broken will it bring you down
You may be awoken, I'll be round, I'll be round

You tell me that you've heard every sound there is
And your bird can swing
But you can't hear me, you can't hear me

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Live Performances
Chicago, IL August 19, 2009

Chicago,IL September 24, 2009

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